Water Quality Reports

EPA SUMMARY: Enviironmental Protection Agency requires community water systems to prepare and provide to their customers annual consumer confidence reports on the quality of the water delivered by the systems. These reports provide valuable information to customers of community water systems.

These reports are the centerpiece of public right-to-know in the Safe Drinking Water Act. The information contained in consumer confidence reports can raise consumer's awareness of where their water comes from, help them understand the process by which safe drinking water is delviered to their home and educate them about the importance of preventative measures, such as source water protection, that ensure a safe drinking water supply. They also provide access through references and telephone numbers to source water assessments, health effects data and additional information about the water system.

LBCJMA Current Consumer Confidence Report (2017)

2016 Consumer Confidence Report

2015 Consumer Confidence Report

2014 Consumer Confidence Report

2013 Consumer Confidence Report

2012 Consumer Confidence Report

2011 Consumer Confidence Report

2010 Consumer Confidence Report



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