Tree Loan Information

Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority (Authority) offers an interest/fee free loan to customers that are required to have trees removed and stumps ground from atop a sanitary sewer and/or water main. Please follow these guidelines/steps to obtain the loan:

  • Obtain your desired amount of quotes from a reputable/reliable/insured tree removal service, as we are unable to make any recommendations.
  • Submit an original invoice to the Authority’s Administration office located at 7811 New Falls Road, Levittown, PA. 19058 Attn: Tree Loan Program
    NOTE: Trees are not authorized to be removed until the Loan Agreement has been executed with the Authority
  • The Authority will contact you when the Loan Agreement and Payment Schedule have been drawn up and are ready for the homeowner’s signature.
    NOTE: ALL property owners are required to sign the agreement.

  • Contact the tree removal service and schedule the work to be completed.
  • Once the work is completed to your satisfaction, contact the Authority’s Administration office at 215-945-7400 and inform a representative that you are calling regarding your tree loan and that the work has been completed to your satisfaction. Please make sure to leave your name, address and phone #. The Authority will inspect your property to ensure it meets our requirements and process tree removal service invoice for payment.
  • Begin payments as per your loan schedule.
    NOTE: Should you default on the loan, it will be forwarded to the Authority Solicitor for further action, including but not limited to a lien.


7811  New Falls Road  •  P.O. Box 460  •  Levittown, Pennsylvania 19058-0460